Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's in my blood

A few months ago my husband pointed out this picture of my grandfather. It was taken in Panama during WWII (1945). Not only is he handsome as can be (middle of the bottom row) BUT ~ check out that PLANE. Should i ever incorporate the pin-up alone...i think i have my artwork!

Friday, October 2, 2009

a blushing bride - NOVA Bachelorette Party

or perhaps she's blushing less than YOU are at this moment! This was an awesome pin-up party / bachelorette party. They booked a fabulous hotel room, did some photos, then hit the clubs. Not a bad night, huh. And for once ~ I don't think they guys will disagree!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lady In Red -- Northern Virgina Boudoir Photography

I think she is stunning. Simply Stunning.

Shopping at Home

Search your OWN CLOSET for:
• Animal print anything
• Large flower pins (a la late 90's)
• Corsets
• Tons of pearls and loooooong necklaces
• lingerie lingerie lingerie

What to wear / bring?

All your really NEED for this photo shoot is one set of matching panties & bra

But...IF you’d like to get SOME things start here:
– Manicure fingers
– Heels
– Thigh highs / fishnets
– Garter Belt
– Corset

Here are some great online places to start:

Thigh Highs
Flirty Skirts
Fredericks (duh)

Talk Dirty To Me! -- Northern Virginia Pin-Up Photography

and if that weren't enough for you ~ here she is again.

Many Looks - One Girl -- D.C. Boudoir Photographer

Don't we all have a few more than ONE personality (hee, that makes me sound a lil crazy) But you know you do ~ and here's one lady who flows through each of hers with style, seduction and grace.